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andries steenkamp Trust bursary

applications for 2024 are CLOSED

The Andries Steenkamp Bursary formed in 2020 to better the lives of San Communities students by way of education.

As chairman of the South African San Council from 2010, Andries Steenkamp was a formidable leader. During his lifetime, up until his passing in 2016, he believed in protecting the San Communities against exploitation and discrimination.

With this purpose in mind, the Andries Steenkamp Benefit Sharing Trust aims to adhere to these values, thus implementing a Bursary-plan to educate further and empower San communities.

The Andries Steenkamp Bursary was created in the hopes of assisting students with academic solid merit but who are lacking financial funding.

  1. The bursary will be awarded to students who are currently studying or intend on studying towards a professional qualification with preference, but not limited to, Environmental Studies, Tourism, Law, Managerial Studies, Heritage Studies, Languages, Arts, Traditional Medicine and Genomic Studies.

  2.  This Bursary will also be awarded to students with specific needs; for example, school clothing/uniforms, stationery and school fees.

  3.  To assist tertiary students that acquired additional funding/bursaries with funding for supplementary expenses, for example transport/communication allowances and electronic equipment.


Applicants must satisfy the following minimum entry criteria before applying (please note that failure to satisfy all the requirements will lead to your application not being considered):

  • Completed or in the process of completing the National Senior Certificate (Grade 12).

  • Achieved a successful pass rate.

  • Applicant must be from the San Communities

  • Studying at any recognised university or TVET college.

  • Strong academic record.

  • Students and scholars funded by the Andries Steenkamp Benefit Sharing Trust must

    achieve a minimum 50% average pass rate, for continued support.

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